Take Pride For What You Have

January 20, 2013

Doug had a Wrestling Tournament yesterday so he was tired when he got back home. I was about to make homemade pizza for dinner when he decided to eat at Fish City Grill. Of course, he’s still wearing his school shirt and he knew that I really don’t like when he’s wearing his school shirt every time we’re eating out. He has lots of nice T-shirts and its rare for him to wear all of his shirts. Well, we had our dinner at Fish City Grill last night. 

As usual delicious food and excellent service that’s why Doug and I really both like the place and Charles as well for his Mac N‘ Cheese. On our way out, a Sheriff, spoke with Doug that they are helping schools do fundraising and would love to help Doug in raising funds for wrestling. I guess wearing school shirts is a good thing after all. Doug always says; “Take pride for what you have” and you can get connections with other people.


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