Thought It Was Going To be Sunny

January 05, 2013

It seemed like a very long day today. I thought it was going to be sunny so I can let Charles drive his jeep in the backyard but it was very dark throughout the day. Of course Charles was frustrated as I told him yesterday that we are going to play in the backyard. To keep him busy inside the house he decided to watch Cars 2 movie while doing his World Grand Prix Race in the bedroom. My eyes were hurting again today so I laid in bed all day. Doug was gone for a Wrestling Tournament all day but I felt like he’s gone for a week already. 

Wrestling season keeps him busy everyday and during weekends. How much more when he goes back to school this Monday? I guess I need to get a job when Charles begins attending his preschool rather than staying in the house. This chapter would be very difficult for both Charles and I as we never really away from each other. I don’t know how to handle his first day at school but I already told Doug that I will stay all day where Charles is.


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