We Really Enjoyed Our Visit

January 01, 2013

It has been a busy week for me. Been doing household chores since we got back home from visiting my husband’s family. We really enjoyed our visit especially Charles. He got lots of Christmas presents from his aunts and uncles and enjoyed all that he got from them. His dad already put some of the toys together though after a couple hours some of them are already separated into pieces. I also took our Christmas Tree down the other night and thought I’ll wait after Three Kings. 

Well, how was your New Year’s Eve last night? For me, nothing really special. It’s very different how we celebrate New Year here in the United States compared to New Years in the Philippines. For our dinner Doug and I made lasagna and we all liked it so much. Anyway, how’s the weather like in your area? In here the weather has been colder and keep on raining. Charles wants to go outside so he can drive his jeep. We also have lots of stuff to do outside while Doug is still off from his Christmas break. 


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