I Don't Know Any Bloggers from China

February 25, 2013

As a blogger have you ever wondered where your audience and traffic sources are coming from? When I checked my stats today I noticed I had 3,716 page views last month from China, not including other page views from other countries. This makes me a little bit worried as I don’t know any bloggers from China and I have never visited any blogs from China. Well, as you can see on my blogs I only have a few posts that are posted. Not getting tasks from blog advertising sites makes me feel lazy and not want to update my blogs as much. 

Anyway, how’s your weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas we’ve been pretty lucky enough when it comes to weather. Just a couple of days ago we had severe storms and I was very thankful it wasn’t bad as expected by weather forecasters. Those days we had storms my husband, Doug was gone to the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas. And speaking of that wrestling tournament well, the kids got beat really bad and I knew how much Doug was really disappointed. I was disappointed as well when I found out about his wrestlers didn’t get as many medals as expected. 

How much more when my son, Charles would wrestle in the future? Surely his first loss would be heartbreaking for me. My husband’s wrestlers are not his kids but I could feel the disappointment every time someone wrestled and lost each match. Its just hard to see when someone looses knowing how hard they practiced for the last year.


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