Branson is Already Crowded with Tourists

March 21, 2013

Spring has just began and Branson is already crowded with tourists from people around the country. How much more during summer? Just the other day we went to Branson and ate at Joe’s Crab Shack. We ordered Joe’s steam pot for two and our crab legs, and shrimp tasted really good. I shopped at Tanger Outlet while my husband, Doug and Charles shopped for themselves. I found a lot of great items and amazing deals on Levi’s Jeans. Of all the stores that I shopped at in Branson, I was impressed most by Tommy Hilfiger. I bought a pair of shirts and the price was very affordable. They have a great clothing line and I could see myself wearing their clothes from now on. 

After Branson, we also stopped by at my husband’s friends house in Ozark, Missouri. Greg is married to a Filipina and I was glad when I met her. We stayed for a couple of hours and chatted, while Charles and Greg’s son Brody enjoyed playing. It was around 9 o’clock when we checked in at AmericInn Hotel in Republic. I guess we were the last people to check in at the hotel and the room that my husband, Doug had reserved for us was already used. So they upgraded our room from regular to suite room with the same rate as the other one. It was a great deal specially when we got inside the room and saw the jacuzzi in the corner. 

Since it was late for us to go swimming at the pool we soaked ourselves at the jacuzzi. Charles really enjoyed it. The next day he was in the jacuzzi again. We also visited the NASCAR store in Springfield, Missouri. Charles was in heaven when he saw all the NASCAR Cars in the store, as he said it was his dream. We also went to Bass Pro Shops and saw a NASCAR trailer outside Bass Pro. Guess what’s inside? A real NASCAR Car of Bass Pro Shops, and number 3 car of Dale Earnhardt SR. It was just an amazing day for Charles and I am glad I went with them before I went shopping.


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