I Definitely Gained Weight

March 24, 2013

I definitely gained weight over the last few years now and it is hard to lose some weight. Last night, I tried sit-ups and I couldn’t even bend my body towards my knees. How sad is that? Though I have been planning that I am going to slow down in eating every meal but for some reason every time I eat Pinoy foods I always forgot that I need to lose weight. Over the last few days now I’ve been eating vegetables bamboo shoots, long beans, bitternut squash, and dried fish and it tasted really good together. I always eat with my hands and never use any spoon or fork. 

Eating these types of foods always reminds me of how we eat in the Philippines. Only simple meals yet taste really good. I am not a big snack eater but I always make sure to have rice in every meal. Oh well, I am still disappointed that I haven’t gotten any grab bags from my other publishing sites. I still have payments coming though I need to wait until I reached $50 before they can send out my payments.


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