Spring Break is Almost Over

March 22, 2013

My husband’s Spring Break is almost over so we had decided to do something fun outside the house today. I shopped at Victoria’s Secret and used some of my money that I got from blogging. Doug decided to stop by at Marshalls but we couldn’t find anything that we both liked. We also went to an antique store, Think Outside the Box here in Rogers, Arkansas. The store was so big and there were some booths that are still empty. We found lots of NASCAR Cars though it was way overpriced so we didn’t end up going home with a bunch of cars. 

After the antique store I went to A’Chau Oriental Market. I was so excited when I saw jackfruit, mango, long beans, and milkfish. The jackfruit tasted really good as I ate it all after our dinner. And for my mangoes I am going to make my homemade mango ice cream. Just add whip cream, condensed milk, vanilla and blend it all together. Charles likes when I make my homemade ice cream though when it is only mangoes he won’t eat them.


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