CV Joints

April 16, 2013

When we first bought our BMW X5 four years ago we took it into a mechanic we had used to give it a check over. There were not many problems but one was a torn CV Boot. If you are not familiar with CV Joints they are vital to the driveshaft of your vehicles. You cannot skimp on having the best CV Joint in your vehicle.  Luckily, our mechanic pointed out the problem along with a front end alignment which allowed us to get the dealer to repair those items before we bought the car. 

Now, that we are looking to buy another car this summer I wonder what else I will have to become knowledgeable about. This summer we are also looking at building a new structure on our property. We are looking to add an out shed that will be metal and used to store our tools and Charles’ big cars. We will get a Metal Fabrication estimate to custom make this new structure.


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