Hot Light App from Krispy Kreme

April 16, 2013

I only have a few apps on my iPhone but the one that I am looking forward to is the Hot Light app from Krispy Kreme. Having the Hot Light app means I know when they have hot doughnuts and I would love to have glazed doughnuts which are my favorite and Charles’ as well. Last night, when I installed the app on my iPhone my husband thought I really wanted some doughnuts though he can’t eat them anymore. He’s watching on his food intake and sweets are not good for him. Being a diabetic makes him feel really sad especially now that he can’t eat all the foods that he really likes. Just the other day, my husband, Doug had his checkup and the result was good though it would be better to hear it was great. 

Well, last night I was laying in bed wide awake when I remembered fiesta celebration is less than a month away. It has been a long time that I wasn’t around with my loved ones during fiesta and I know I am missing a lot of great memories from the past. It may not be the happiest memories for other people around me but for me those are great ones and I will cherish them all forever. With so many things I miss in the Philippines it makes me smile when someone posts pictures on Facebook of people that I know before. 

Most of them are getting older and some closest family friends have passed away. Anyway, Spring has finally sprung. The flowers are blossoming and I can see the leaves beginning to grow from the trees. Since my husband has nothing to do over the weekend I would love to drive around down to Beaver Lake. Driving down to Beaver Lake is very scenic specially at this time of the year. The trees are very pretty to look at and I am always ecstatic to see the beauty of nature.


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