Today Is Going To Be a Great Day

April 28, 2013

Well, only 3 days left before the end of April and I know we are all looking forward for the summer to come. The weather has been weird lately and the other day we had severe storms. Finally today, I saw the sun shinning through our window and I want to get out from the house and do something fun. Speaking of fun, just last week we watched the NASCAR Sprint Cup STP 400 at the Kansas Speedway and we all loved it. 

All the race car drivers drove the cars very fast and I am amazed every time the car passed where we sat at. Very loud even though we are all wearing earplugs. My son, Charles was very excited when he saw the number 2 race car of his favorite driver, Brad Keselowski. Of course we saw all the drivers before the race began when they were on their way to their respective race cars. Though the one that hit the jackpot was Charles.  

My husband, Doug bought a couple of NASCAR cars and other collectibles for Charles especially from his favorite driver Brad Keselowski. Watching NASCAR Sprint Cup race last week makes us wants to watch another race in October though it would be great if we can get more free tickets. I like the atmosphere at the racetrack and the people seems very nice even though we are pulling for different drivers. Charles did a great job during our first NASCAR Sprint Cup race even though he fell asleep for about 40 minutes during the race. Well, we got up too early then. 

We really had a great time and Charles got to play with his aunt Connie and they had so much fun playing. Anyway, today I am planning to use my Dillard’s gift card and Victoria’s Secret rewards cards. I have 2 Victoria’s Secret rewards cards and if I don’t use them they will go to waste. Today, is Hero Appreciation Day offered by Krispy Kreme and I have my coupon to buy any dozen, and get a second dozen original glazed doughnuts for free. Surely, today is going to be a great day for us.


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