(LT) Tree Hut: The First Step To Natural Beauty

May 30, 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Hut for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I have never heard about Tree Hut Hand & Foot Care products in the past until I found out the great benefits they can perform for your skin. Over the past couple of months now I have had dry skin and I don’t feel like using lotion. To me, lotion is greasy and it makes me feel uncomfortable especially in the summer. I have been trying products over the counter but I haven’t found the right products that will work for my skin. I would love to try Tree Hut foot cream, Tree Hut hand cream, Tree Hut foot scrub for myself and see how it works on me. And what makes Tree Hut products different from other products available on the market? Well, Tree Hut Hand & Foot Care products are developed to keep hands and feet feeling smooth and healthy. Certified Organic Shea Butter and Natural oils and extracts make your skin smooth and soft. Organic Shea Butter keep your skin repairing and moisturizing with every use. Anti-aging, which promotes elasticity and peppermint oil for a soothing effect. Natural sugar exfoliates your skin to keep your skin smooth and most of all non-greasy formula which I was looking for.

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I just created my summer Natural Beauty Style and I would love to share it with you. To hear more exciting news about these products be sure to like Tree Hut on Facebook, and follow Tree Hut on Twitter  and encourage your friends to do the same. Tree Hut products are available at Walmart stores nationwide.
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Doug's Last Day at School

May 28, 2013

Today is my husband Doug’s last day at school. Thank God, the school year is over. He can spend more time with us and play with Charles most of the time. This summer Doug and some of his wrestlers are going to World’ of Fun in Kansas City. Charles and I are not going because some of the kids are going to ride in our car. Of course, Charles was disappointed when I told him that we can’t go to Kansas City. 

He asked me; “Why the kids can’t ride in their own car? Why can’t they ride the school bus?” I really don’t mind not going to World’s of Fun, as we are going to visit his sisters in June. Visiting my sisters-in-law is quite a trip and Charles doesn’t like taking long trips at all. Well, only 3 days left and this month is almost over. What have you been doing so far before the summer comes? As for me, I’m planning to practice driving our car so I can have my driver’s license. 

To be honest I am really nervous thinking about myself driving the car on the road. I know its good for me to be able to drive on my own so I can go anywhere I want but sometimes it just freaks me out. Sometimes when we are on the busy highway like the Interstate, I always tell Doug I can’t live here in the U.S. by myself. It’s very nerve racking. 

Anyway, only a few days left before the season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. What can I say, I am a Bravoholic fan. Aside from watching reality shows on television I have been watching the NBA Conference Finals. I pull for the Miami Heat and Charles likes the Miami Heat as well.

I Was Very Impressed

May 20, 2013

We’ve been living here in Arkansas for a couple of years now we have been exploring the area. I do really like living here in Northwest Arkansas. It’s very scenic specially going down to Eureka Springs. Yesterday, while exploring some Flea Markets and Antique Stores Doug had decided to go to Siloam Springs and eat at the Cherokee Casino.

Driving down to Siloam Springs felt like we’re going to nowhere. No signs on the road and noticed few drivers in front of us are driving under the speed limit which was kind of annoying. So we found Cherokee Casino across the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. As soon as we got inside the door slot machines are busy and the restaurant that we’re looking was just beside the corner.

I was really impressed by River Cane. The restaurant looked very pricey but I was amazed how affordable it was to eat at River Cane Buffet. They had nice selections of menus from different cultures which was a good thing. As usual Charles liked the noodles and he ate quite a few. On our way back home Charles kept on asking; are we there yet?

Thank God it didn’t took us so long driving back home. We also had Charles haircut and I was very impressed how brave he was when trimmers were used for the first time on his hair.

Things That Charles Is Not Good At

May 16, 2013

My four year old son, Charles is very competitive in every game we have. It makes him very happy every time he wins the games. He always gets mad when he losses a game. Aside from playing games Charles also gets upset when his favorite NASCAR driver, Brad Keselowski does not win the race and his race car color is not blue. Doug and I always tell Charles that he cannot win all the time. 

 We also tell him Brad Keselowski’s race car changes its paint scheme for sponsors and he is the same driver even if not in his blue Miller Lite car. It is not good for him when he plays with the other kids especially when he goes to school next year. Those are the only things that Charles is not good at, losing games and Brad Keselowski not winning races or having a different paint scheme for his race car.

Putting Up New Mounting Brackets

As the summer begins it is once again time to work on improving our home and yard. With my husband, Doug being a teacher the summer is our preferred time for home improvement. One of the easiest and yet most exciting things for this summer is putting up new mounting brackets for our big screen HDTV. Elevating your TV makes for a more enjoyable watching experience. It is also much safer if you have young children around.

Delicious Crabs

May 07, 2013

Growing up I hated doing household chores and it always made me cry when I have to work around the house. Being married changed me quite a bit as I don’t mind doing chores to keep our house clean and cooking is one of them. Cooking is my favorite thing to do rather than buying frozen meals from the grocery store. Today, I went to A’Chau Oriental Market and I was very excited when I saw live crabs. Though Charles was scared when he saw the crabs moving and he kept on saying; I’m scared, I’m scared with his hands on his chest. When we got back home I cooked the crabs. I added minced ginger, coconut cream, salt, spinach, and it was very delicious. 

Going to A’Chau Oriental Market, and Manna Oriental Market are just like shopping for clothes and shoes. You’ll never know what you can find at the store. Aside from seafood the store also has vegetables, and fruits.

We Are Invited For The Wedding

May 01, 2013

Whoa! First day of the month and I am looking forward for this month to be over right away. Just kidding! But anyway, only 4 weeks left and the school year will be over. My hubby is very tired especially at the end of the school year so he is looking forward for this month to be over as well. For next month, my husband’s cousin, Marla is getting married and we are invited for the wedding. 

Just in time for the summer as we are going to visit his sisters before they visit us in July. Aside from visiting my husbands sisters Doug is planning to go to World’s of Fun in Kansas City. I have not been to World’s of Fun as it doesn’t excites me thinking about the roller coasters and other rides. Not being a scary cat, I just don’t want to ride the roller coasters.

Folgers Coffee

My son, Charles and I both love coffee. There is no better way to start my day then a nice warm cup. I have found my favorite brand and it is Folger’s. If you want the same great taste and a whole sale price on folgers coffee click here.  The best at a great price is always something that I am looking for.