It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

June 17, 2013

Only a few days away, we are going to visit my sister’s-in-law and we are going to attend a wedding. I usually pack our clothes ahead of time but unfortunately I haven’t packed anything yet. I have been sick over the last few days now and I don’t feel like doing any chores at this time. At least though, Doug is here and is off for the summer so he can do some household chores.

Just today, he folded our clothes that’s been sitting in the laundry room for days. The way he folded the clothes are not that neat but it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m still not used to the way he gives Charles bath so I ended up finishing it for him today. Well, I haven’t done so much lately aside from watching shows on television.

I have been watching the NBA Finals though I don’t really care so much about the Stanley Cup Finals. I think Stanley Cup, US Open, and MLB are boring shows to watch on television. For me, I only appreciate the game once I watch it in person just like Football and NASCAR. To make matters even worse the weather has been really rainy as of late.  


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