June Is Almost Over

June 23, 2013

Time flies really fast. Before we all know it, the month of June is almost over and so is our trip visiting my sister’s-in-law. Its alright, Charles is having fun playing with his aunts and in just a few weeks they are going to visit us for the summer. Charles’ 5th birthday is in September and they are going to be there as well on his birthday. With his birthday less than 3 months away he is very excited about it and he wants 2 cakes on his birthday. One is a Brad Keselowski, and the other a Menards with number 27 car on top. 

Well, how’s the weather like in your area? In here, it was raining this morning before we went to church. I have been to the church where my sister‘s-in-law goes, Assembly of God a couple of times but I still like the way Catholics do the Mass at the church every Sunday. Today, to be honest it was such a long day being at the church for me. And I am not the only one that had those feelings. Somebody was using their phones browsing on the web and playing games which is very common nowadays when you are at the church.


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