We Had Power Outage

June 01, 2013

With the severe weather we’ve been having over the last few days we have to worry about power outages as well. In almost six years of living here in the U.S., I can count on my fingers how many times we had power off. Just yesterday we had a power outage just in time, I was cooking our dinner. There were foods inside the oven, the stove top, and the microwave. Our washer and dryer are running as well. Thankfully Doug was here and he reported our issue to our electric company, Carroll Electric Cooperative and they responded to our issue right away. About 10 minutes later we got our power back and finished cooking all of our food. 

Anyway, we’re all enjoying that my husband, Doug is out of school. Charles is up earlier than normal and plays more with his dad all the time. Now that my husband is off from work I have been planning to practice driving our car over the weekend. Though we spend our time watching NASCAR Racing every weekend and we don’t want to miss any races. The more we watch NASCAR Sprint Cup the more we get to know all the race car drivers. Unlike the NBA, NFL and other sports teams the players are kind of snobs and don’t want to interact with the fans. 

 have seen Major League Baseball, and College Football at the stadium and the crowd is very different from the racing fans. Which makes me want to watch another NASCAR race again in the future. Doug and I really like it though Charles said; “it is very loud“. But when he saw his favorite race car driver, Brad Keselowski his eyes brightens up and puts a smile on his face.


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