As Mom I Am So Blessed

July 25, 2013

Only few days away, my sister’s-in-law are visiting for the summer and we are all excited. Charles has planned that we are going to play board games and mini golf at Golf Mountain. Charles likes golf. In fact he set our DVR and recorded the British Open a few days ago. Its amazing how kids can learn and do so many things lately unlike when I was Charles‘ age. 

Yesterday, when I was laying down in bed Charles came up to me and said; he’s a royal baby. I was laughing really hard as I never thought it will came out from his mouth. Charles imagination is out of this world which I never had when I was a kid. As mom, I am so blessed I never let Charles go to daycare. When I have done that I will surely miss the big part of his life while growing up. Since the day he was born until he gets older I want to be there for my baby so I don’t have any regrets until the day I die. 

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Can You Believe July Is Almost Over?

July 24, 2013

Can you believe July is almost over? That means my hubby is back to school this August and it is going to be different for Charles when he is not around. Charles and his dad are great buddies and surely he is going to miss him so much especially when he’s gone all day. Even when the school year hasn’t started, Doug is doing wrestling practice 3 days a week. How much more when the school starts and wrestling season begins? 

He’s definitely busy including weekends as well. Oh well, it has been a couple of days now since I had my permit to drive the car. Driving the car makes me very nervous when I’m behind the wheels though I need to be more confident and alert on the highway to avoid any accidents. Of course, our car a BMW X-5, is too gorgeous to have any dents so I have to be very careful when I’m driving. 

Now that I have my permit I have also been thinking of taking the skills test so I can have my drivers license. I’m a little bit nervous what if I couldn’t pass the skills test unlike the written test. When you fail you can come back and take another test after one week until you pass the test. I will be much happier once I have my driver license knowing I did not driven a car growing up. 

My son, Charles is eager to drive the car and it makes him very happy once he’s driving. But I guess letting him drive the car at a very young age makes him confident of himself which I never had a chance to be. Charles will be turning 5 years old in September and he is very excited and so am I. Growing up I never celebrated my birthdays. A birthday is just an ordinary day when I was growing up. 

With Charles 5th birthday, his aunts are all coming and he’s more excited than ever. Every night Charles keeps on asking me how many days left before his birthday. He wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s and play mini golf at Golf Mountain. Hopefully the weather isn’t too hot outside to play mini golf so we can all enjoy playing and not worry about the heat. 

Aside from eating at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and going to Golf Mountain, Charles wants marbles, a wagon, and a number 27 NASCAR Car for his birthday. His dad already got his number 27 Paul Menards NASCAR Car and hopefully his Geico Car will arrive before his birthday. Having these cars on his birthday would be wonderful as he has wanted them for a very long time.

What A Beautiful Day Today

July 14, 2013

What a beautiful day today. Not too hot, perfect to do some things outside the house like doing sand colored artwork with my son, Charles. Our sand artwork looked pretty good and Charles and his dad played Frisbee afterwards. Well, I have not done so many things lately over the weekend aside from passing my vision and written test to get my permit to drive. I’m still very nervous driving the highway and I know I need to be confident being on the road to avoid accidents. 

Doug always says; I need to be watchful on the cars around me and pay attention on the road. Anyway, how are you doing with your summer break so far? For us, we are all enjoying my husband’s summer break especially Charles though he has wrestling practice 3 days a week now. Charles doesn’t like waking up in the morning when his father is not around, how much more when he’s back to work in August? 

Aside from spending more time with the family, this Friday we are going to watch a movie, Turbo. This is the third time that Charles is going to watch a movie at the theater. Hopefully he will like it as he loves watching NASCAR and Indy Car races on television and doing his own races as well. Every weekend we are all hooked up on watching Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series.

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I Never Had The Luxury Of Buying Things That I Really Like

July 13, 2013

Growing up I never really had the luxury of buying things that I really like. Whenever we wanted something like toys and new clothes we had to work for them by doing things  like doing household chores around the house.  Then when we could afford something  we can have it. Over the years, I have been very infatuated with having a Swatch watch on my arm. I think Swatch watches are very flashy and cool to look at and it will look great on me. 

While browsing on the web I really liked the Swatch, FLEUR’S D’ETE. I love the color though it is a bit over-sized in terms of dimension which I like as well. I definitely want to have this watch for Christmas and a sewing machine as well. Yeah I want a sewing machine as a Christmas present this year would be a great gift for me. As I looked at our bedroom curtains I thought I can make curtains instead of buying them at the store. 

One panel can be pricey depending on the type of fabric you are looking for and we used 4 panels for our bedroom window. It looks like it is very easy to make and sew when I have my sewing machine. Sounds crazy but I keep on thinking about it of making curtains and other DIY things for the house.

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What Are You Looking Forward To Today?

July 04, 2013

What a great day I had with my boys yesterday. We washed the car ourselves instead of taking it to the Car Wash which I am not a big fan of. To me going to the Car Wash is just a waste of money though very convenient if you do not to get wet. The car is not clean at all so I rather do it myself to my satisfaction. After we washed the car, we also watched a fireworks display here in town and Charles was very excited. It was our surprise for him though he noticed it was about fireworks as he saw plenty of cars on the school’s parking lot where Doug, teaches at. 

Later today, we are going to drive to Springfield, Missouri to watch a fireworks display at Doug’s friend Rick‘s house, for the 4th of July. Watching a fireworks display close to Rick’s house is very spectacular as we can see very well all the fireworks that goes up in the air. The fireworks are very stunning which I have never seen growing up in the Philippines. Aside from watching fireworks tonight, I also wanted to stop by at Seoul Market, and buy Bean Bread if the store is open. 

How about you, what are you looking forward to today? As for me, I always looked forward each day to see my tomato on our porch. Seeing tiny tomatoes on the branches makes me happy knowing each day the tomatoes are growing one day at a time. The bell pepper does not have any flowers yet but its good to see it is growing as well same with my lemon grass.

I Am Getting Obsessed

July 01, 2013

Today is the first day of the month. As you noticed I have not really updated all of my 3 blogs. Not getting any tasks to work with is very disappointing so I had decided not to post anymore. Though posting on a regular basis could improve my page rank but its alright. Anyway, how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the weather has not been very hot unlike the other parts of the country wherein the temperature reached up to 130 degrees.

Way too hot, that could even cook cookies outside. With the temperature here in Northwest Arkansas, around 80’s we are all enjoying this kind of weather. Just yesterday, we went to Golf  Mountain and played mini golf instead of going to the park. We all liked it especially Charles. In fact when I asked Charles last night whether we will go to Chuck E. Cheese’s or Golf Mountain on his birthday and he answered, both.

I guess we will go to both on these places as his father already told him as well and Charles was very excited. Seems like yesterday, I can’t believed my son, Charles will be turning 5 in September and he is looking forward to his birthday. Well, I haven’t done many things lately and I am getting obsessed with my plants outside, tomato, bell peppers and lemon grass.

Watching my plants makes me excited knowing I can reap some tomatoes and bell peppers in the next few weeks. How about you? What have you planted in your garden? Its better to grow your own produce instead of buying it from the store even though they are very inexpensive. Knowing my produce, where they are coming from gives me a peace of mind that these plants are not loaded with pesticides.