As Mom I Am So Blessed

July 25, 2013

Only few days away, my sister’s-in-law are visiting for the summer and we are all excited. Charles has planned that we are going to play board games and mini golf at Golf Mountain. Charles likes golf. In fact he set our DVR and recorded the British Open a few days ago. Its amazing how kids can learn and do so many things lately unlike when I was Charles‘ age. 

Yesterday, when I was laying down in bed Charles came up to me and said; he’s a royal baby. I was laughing really hard as I never thought it will came out from his mouth. Charles imagination is out of this world which I never had when I was a kid. As mom, I am so blessed I never let Charles go to daycare. When I have done that I will surely miss the big part of his life while growing up. Since the day he was born until he gets older I want to be there for my baby so I don’t have any regrets until the day I die. 


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