Can You Believe July Is Almost Over?

July 24, 2013

Can you believe July is almost over? That means my hubby is back to school this August and it is going to be different for Charles when he is not around. Charles and his dad are great buddies and surely he is going to miss him so much especially when he’s gone all day. Even when the school year hasn’t started, Doug is doing wrestling practice 3 days a week. How much more when the school starts and wrestling season begins? 

He’s definitely busy including weekends as well. Oh well, it has been a couple of days now since I had my permit to drive the car. Driving the car makes me very nervous when I’m behind the wheels though I need to be more confident and alert on the highway to avoid any accidents. Of course, our car a BMW X-5, is too gorgeous to have any dents so I have to be very careful when I’m driving. 

Now that I have my permit I have also been thinking of taking the skills test so I can have my drivers license. I’m a little bit nervous what if I couldn’t pass the skills test unlike the written test. When you fail you can come back and take another test after one week until you pass the test. I will be much happier once I have my driver license knowing I did not driven a car growing up. 

My son, Charles is eager to drive the car and it makes him very happy once he’s driving. But I guess letting him drive the car at a very young age makes him confident of himself which I never had a chance to be. Charles will be turning 5 years old in September and he is very excited and so am I. Growing up I never celebrated my birthdays. A birthday is just an ordinary day when I was growing up. 

With Charles 5th birthday, his aunts are all coming and he’s more excited than ever. Every night Charles keeps on asking me how many days left before his birthday. He wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s and play mini golf at Golf Mountain. Hopefully the weather isn’t too hot outside to play mini golf so we can all enjoy playing and not worry about the heat. 

Aside from eating at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and going to Golf Mountain, Charles wants marbles, a wagon, and a number 27 NASCAR Car for his birthday. His dad already got his number 27 Paul Menards NASCAR Car and hopefully his Geico Car will arrive before his birthday. Having these cars on his birthday would be wonderful as he has wanted them for a very long time.


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