I Never Had The Luxury Of Buying Things That I Really Like

July 13, 2013

Growing up I never really had the luxury of buying things that I really like. Whenever we wanted something like toys and new clothes we had to work for them by doing things  like doing household chores around the house.  Then when we could afford something  we can have it. Over the years, I have been very infatuated with having a Swatch watch on my arm. I think Swatch watches are very flashy and cool to look at and it will look great on me. 

While browsing on the web I really liked the Swatch, FLEUR’S D’ETE. I love the color though it is a bit over-sized in terms of dimension which I like as well. I definitely want to have this watch for Christmas and a sewing machine as well. Yeah I want a sewing machine as a Christmas present this year would be a great gift for me. As I looked at our bedroom curtains I thought I can make curtains instead of buying them at the store. 

One panel can be pricey depending on the type of fabric you are looking for and we used 4 panels for our bedroom window. It looks like it is very easy to make and sew when I have my sewing machine. Sounds crazy but I keep on thinking about it of making curtains and other DIY things for the house.


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