What A Beautiful Day Today

July 14, 2013

What a beautiful day today. Not too hot, perfect to do some things outside the house like doing sand colored artwork with my son, Charles. Our sand artwork looked pretty good and Charles and his dad played Frisbee afterwards. Well, I have not done so many things lately over the weekend aside from passing my vision and written test to get my permit to drive. I’m still very nervous driving the highway and I know I need to be confident being on the road to avoid accidents. 

Doug always says; I need to be watchful on the cars around me and pay attention on the road. Anyway, how are you doing with your summer break so far? For us, we are all enjoying my husband’s summer break especially Charles though he has wrestling practice 3 days a week now. Charles doesn’t like waking up in the morning when his father is not around, how much more when he’s back to work in August? 

Aside from spending more time with the family, this Friday we are going to watch a movie, Turbo. This is the third time that Charles is going to watch a movie at the theater. Hopefully he will like it as he loves watching NASCAR and Indy Car races on television and doing his own races as well. Every weekend we are all hooked up on watching Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series.


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