Does Anyone Notice The Cooler Temperature At Night?

August 19, 2013

Does anyone notice the cooler temperature at night? Well, this is the kind of weather that my hubby likes the most, cold weather. Perfect time to roll down the window of the car though I know my hubby is kind of hesitant now rolling his window down. The last time he rolled the window down it was broken so he had to take the car to the repair shop. When we are thinking we can save money then there goes the problem right away and we had to spend money which we don‘t have laying around. Why it always has to be that way? 

Anyway, could you believe this month is almost over? Back to school and for moms out there you probably are missing your kids going back to school. My son, Charles doesn’t go to school yet.  I am sure we are going to miss each other a lot when he starts next year. I always told him that I am going to miss him when goes to school. And Charles always says; why can’t you be a teacher? Which is funny to me. Well, my hubby is back to work since last week though regular classes starts today. Surely, it is going to be a busy year for him especially during the Wrestling season.


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