Free Sweet & Sexy Lotion From Bath & Body Works

August 12, 2013

A few years back, I never gave my phone number, email address, nor zip codes during checkouts when I shopped at the store. For the reason, I don’t want to be flooded with phone calls and unwanted emails everyday. The advantage though of giving some of my info’s like phone number and email address now at the stores are I can get freebies. Stores like Victoria’s Secret always sends me gift cards and rewards cards on my birthday and free dessert at some restaurants. Just the other day, I got free seamless panty from Victoria's Secret. Aside from Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works also offers free products like lotion which I got the other day from the store. 

And when these stores have their annual sales it could save you up to 75% off which makes shopping more rewarding. Not only stores offer freebies but restaurants as well. When you sign up with your favorite restaurants they will send you emails about getting free appetizer, entrées, or half off price of menu items. Birthdays and anniversaries are included as well which can be great.


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