Hotel Accommodation in Rome Italy

August 14, 2013

My husband, Doug and I never really get a chance to travel outside the United States after I got pregnant with my son, Charles. Now that he’s growing up, visiting to another country would be ideal for the three of us. Of course, going to Rome, Italy is one of those destination places that I would love to visit with my family. Seeing the ruins of the Roman Empire like the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus are dreams of Doug (he is a history teacher). Both he and I would love to also visit the Vatican. 

Italy is also of course famous for its design and shopping. We also all love the culinary cuisine of Italy. Doug is a pasta nut and I love seafood. Making this trip requires finding great and affordable housing. That is where the rome train station hotel or rome termini hotel a perfect fit for us. Getting accommodaion rome termini or rome termini b&b are the best answers to our housing needs.


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