My Hubby Is A Huge Gamer

August 20, 2013

My hubby is a huge gamer. Right now he’s into NCAA Football games with his favorite team the Missouri Tigers on his Xbox. But sometimes it irritates the hell out of me. I hate when he keeps on complaining when he is playing the game. Get real Missouri Tigers against Alabama Crimson Tides on the SEC Championship Game who’s the better football team? Of course it’s Alabama. 

Doug really likes the Missouri Tigers and so do I. Doug and I have been to a couple of football games last year and we would love to watch it again this year. But when you are playing on your Xbox of your favorite team you want to win every game you play and sometimes the result is different than what you expected. I know he gets frustrated sometimes when he is playing the game and I feel really bad. 

I’m also afraid he might have a heart attack especially with his health issues God forbid. Just like Charles, before he gets mad every time he loses a game when we play our games on game nights. Now, he knows how to be a good sport when other people win the game which is a good thing specially when he goes to school.


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