Now He Wants Mickey Mouse Cake

August 26, 2013

I can't believed my feet are still sore from all the walking over the weekend. Though it was fun to visit the Frisco Fair in town. My hubby did a school fundraising for the wrestling team with some parents and the kids and it turned out very good. They raised more money this year compared to last year. The weather helped a lot as it was way too hot. And then Charles tried a Wall Climbing and he was a little bit afraid of it. 

Anyway, its Labor Day weekend and I know we are all looking forward to the long weekend especially my hubby. Last week was a very busy week for him so he is looking forward to that. Aside from that, a few weeks from now is my son, Charles’ 5th birthday and he is very excited. Now, he has changed his mind that he wants a Mickey Mouse cake instead of a Brad Keselowski car cake. 

No wonder because Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior is Charles' favorite show now on television. He watches it over and over again and nothing else. Before he liked to watch shows on Nick, Nick JR, and Sprout but not anymore. I guess I have no reason not to let Charles pick his cake selection just like how Charles really wants  to have a Honda Van when he grows up. 

I've never seen a kid who gets very excited every time he saw a Honda Van on the highway. But I'm sure he will change his mind when he grows up with his car choice as there are way too many cars to love about but not Honda Van for sure.


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