I Have Always Wanted To Start A Business

September 25, 2013

With one single income in the family I have always wanted to start a business to help out with our finances. Investing into something like opening a restaurant or Internet CafĂ© are not easy decisions to make especially with a lot of money involved. One way to help you achieve your goals is to hire an investment professional like Scott Gelbard. Scott Gelbard will help you make decisions about all aspects of starting a business and how to invest and reinvest your income into your business. 

Though a daunting tasks like starting your own business can be scary it is also very doable if you have the right advice and guidance, in support of you. Be a smart investor and get an expert who knows how markets and investments really work. While the do it your self entrepreneur is a staple of a market economy so is the uniformed business failures that many needlessly put themselves through.

It Was Very Disappointing

September 10, 2013

Whether its College Football or NFL our weekends are glued to watching football games. Aside from Football games, NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide Series are also a big part of our weekend television watching as well. It was very disappointing that two of my favorite drivers Brad Keselowski, and Jeff Gordon didn’t make it to the chase for the Sprint Cup this year. Both of these drivers have not won any NASCAR Sprint Cup races this year. So a win to either of my drivers would have been a great one and put them into the Chase for the Cup. 

Doug though was happy as his favorite driver, Carl Edwards won again.  Doug was also happy that Mizzou won Saturday though they did not play great.  Even though Doug’s Raiders lost he was happy with how well they played vs Indy. I though was not happy with my favorite player, Eli Manning as he threw three interceptions in the Giants loss to Dallas.

Cheer Your Favorite Team

September 04, 2013

As we all know college Kickoff weekend just happened and NFL Kickoff is about to start this week. Are you looking forward to seeing your favorite College Football and NFL Teams play? I’m sure you do. After all the time spent drafting your Fantasy Teams it makes you want to watch every game on television and cheer your favorite teams. My husband is a huge fan of Mizzou in college and the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. 

Doug has always loved these teams even though Mizzou has been better the last decade the Raiders have been awful and he still watches each game and pulls for them. Me I like the Giants and my favorite player Eli Manning. Doug even drafted Eli for his fantasy team this year. I also like Mizzou and am thinking of going up to watch a game in Columbia this year maybe vs Florida or Tennessee.