Charles Likes Florida Gators

October 16, 2013

This time of the year is my hubby’s favorite time of the year. It’s Football season and the weather is perfect to watch any game during the day or night. Since my hubby is a huge Football fan we are going to watch Missouri Tigers and Florida Gators at the stadium this weekend. Though the Missouri Tigers Quarterback, James Franklin, was injured the last game while playing against Georgia and he’s done for the season. 

Charles not a big fan of Mizzou so he likes Florida Gators to win and he said he is going to make a sign that says; GO FLORIDA. Charles only likes Florida because it is blue and one of his favorite colors. The three of us are looking forward to watch the game but not the long driving going down to Columbia, Missouri. Definitely Charles is going to say his back is hurting so he can get out from the car. 

Every time I will say we are going to visit your aunts on Thanksgiving, and Christmas Charles always say; it’s a long drive. Anyway, every thing is packed for this trip and hopefully we can have a nice trip down to Columbia. 


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