My Pancit & Puto (Steamed Cake)

October 11, 2013

I wasn’t feeling very well over the last few days because of my migraine and I am so thankful I am feeling so much better today. I’ve done most of the chores like folding our clothes that’s been sitting in the laundry basket for days. Cleaned my dresser and took the clothes that I am not going to wear anymore including Charles’ closet as well. I also cleaned Charles room as it was very cluttered with books and toys everywhere. Since I got sick I barely went into his room so I did not notice how messy it was until today. 

Well, as Doug always says; you have a kid so I can expect toys everywhere in the house. It has been a very tiring day today. I also cooked the foods Pancit, and Puto (Steamed Cake) that I’ve been craving over the last few days and tonight I finally had them. Oh my! It was a very delicious meal I had tonight. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to next week. My impulsive hubby bought tickets to the Football game on Saturday between the Missouri Tigers and Florida Gators. Of course, Charles likes the Florida Gators to win because it is blue and one of his favorite colors. Watching the game at the stadium is more fun and exciting than watching the game on television. Most of all, seeing Mizzou Quarterback, James Franklin live in action. 

I’ve been to couple of Football games at the stadium in the past and the one that I really loved the most was going to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Driving to Columbia, Missouri is not fun and getting up early in the morning is not very fun at all especially because the game is 11 in the morning. Charles and I are barely up by that time no kidding.


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