Charles' I Am Sorry Note

December 18, 2013

My husband always says; that I am very lucky to spend time with our son, Charles all the time. Yes its very true. Being a stay-at-home mom 24/7 with Charles is very challenging though he always puts a good laugh on me. Just the other day, I was very serious when I told Charles to picked up his toys and he said; I am going to call 911, and put you on a yard sale tomorrow. OMG! I was laughing out loud. Then he said; he is going to sell his jeep wrangler for $1 and made a sign that it has 100 horsepower. 

What if my husband Doug, and I gets older Charles is going to put us on Craigslist up for sale? Just kidding! Charles is a very loving kid. In fact, he gave me a note saying he’s sorry and I love you. It was very thoughtful of him knowing he wrote it by himself without asking what the letters are. Writing is still his problem but I am not making it such a big deal. When the time is right, I’m sure Charles would be more willing in writing rather than saying it to him now that he needs to learn how to write letters and numbers. 

When it comes to reading he is very good at it and I am very proud of him. Sometimes I wonder are these kids now really so advanced when it comes to technology? And when it comes to adult conversation Charles always has something to say and he won’t stop talking for hours which is very funny to us. Anyway, are you done with your Christmas shopping? Not for me as we are going to shop tomorrow for Charles’ Christmas presents. 

I really don’t know what to buy Charles as his presents though last night he whispered to his dad that he wants a scooter. The problem with a scooter is Charles does not know how to even ride his bicycle without training wheels.  How much more harder is a  scooter? Well, how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the weather over the last few days has been great after the winter storm we had. 

As much as I like having a white Christmas I’d rather not have snow. My husband was already out of school for one week due to the winter storm. If there’s another winter storm coming the school will take longer than normal as they are going to make up school for snow days.

My Classic Yellow Cake

December 04, 2013

It has been six years now that I am living here in the United States of America. When it comes to the weather I don’t mind it now. Though I have not experience an ice storm and tomorrow’s weather is making me a little bit nervous especially when we could lose our electricity. Growing up in the Philippines, I am used to not having electricity so I am kind of used to it but not with my boys. 

Anyway, we bought more foods tonight but not frozen ones just in case we don’t have electricity. I also baked a Classic Yellow Cake tonight and Charles is looking forward to tasting it. Hopefully, this winter storm is not going to last longer or else we can not watch the football game on Saturday. My hubby’s favorite football team, Missouri Tigers, is playing for the SEC Championship game and we want to watch the game. If we don’t have electricity and the weather is really bad we don’t have a satellite signal as well.