My Classic Yellow Cake

December 04, 2013

It has been six years now that I am living here in the United States of America. When it comes to the weather I don’t mind it now. Though I have not experience an ice storm and tomorrow’s weather is making me a little bit nervous especially when we could lose our electricity. Growing up in the Philippines, I am used to not having electricity so I am kind of used to it but not with my boys. 

Anyway, we bought more foods tonight but not frozen ones just in case we don’t have electricity. I also baked a Classic Yellow Cake tonight and Charles is looking forward to tasting it. Hopefully, this winter storm is not going to last longer or else we can not watch the football game on Saturday. My hubby’s favorite football team, Missouri Tigers, is playing for the SEC Championship game and we want to watch the game. If we don’t have electricity and the weather is really bad we don’t have a satellite signal as well.


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