Charles Naughty, The Indianapolis 500 Champion

January 24, 2014

When I see a mom with so many kids and pregnant at the same time I always say to myself; wow! How could she handle all those kids at the same time? I can only imagine their house is a huge mess unless they are rich and have household helpers to keep the house clean most of the time. Each kid has a babysitter and the husband must have a decent job to support his family. The healthcare insurance is very expensive nowadays plus food, clothing and education are on the rise. 

Being a mom myself, I have only one child and our house is totally chaotic when my son, Charles toys are everywhere. Just the other day, Charles got my Rome Honeysuckle Amore shower gel from the paper bag and spilled it all out in his bed room. I thought Charles sprayed my perfume when I realized the smell was different so I checked him out in his room and smelled shower gel all poured into the carpet. 

Of course, I was mad at him and to myself as I was busy cooking in the kitchen and I did not check on Charles. Charles is very good in doing naughty things lately. In fact his new name now  which he made up himself is; Charles Naughty, The Indianapolis 500 Champion. And everyday Doug, and I always remind him that we want Charles Indianapolis 500 Champion, and not the naughty one. 

I know he is so bored being at home 24/7 especially when we can not get out even to check the mailbox outside. The weather is just very cold for us to be outside even for just a few minutes. How about you how do you keep yourself warm in this frigid weather?

Bowling And Go Cart Racing

January 23, 2014

My son, Charles is a huge NASCAR race fan and he got very excited when he heard his father saying; the race schedule is out for the season. Of course, Charles wants to watch another race and this time he is more excited than last year which he had fallen asleep during the race. Since we all liked to watch NASCAR racing I would be glad to watch it again this year in Kansas City. The race will take place in May, and hopefully this time we can get to meet our favorite race car drivers on the field. 

Last year, I got a chance to see all the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers before the race starts but I couldn’t see them clearly as we are sitting a little farther from the race track. Anyway, my hubby is planning to go out this Sunday to go bowling and go cart racing. I have 2 free bowling coupons and I don’t want them to go waste before the end of this month. When the weather isn’t too cold outside playing mini-golf would be perfect as well at Golf Mountain here in Rogers.

It Was Not Full Blown Shopping

January 20, 2014

Yesterday was a busy day for me as I shopped at Pinnacle Hills Promenade. It was not full blown shopping as I don’t have enough time and besides my boys are with me and Charles does not like waiting at all. Found some great stuff at Bath & Body Works and 75% off is a great deal. The store still had their semi-annual sale and when you are looking for body lotions and body sprays you better check them out. 

Since I am collecting products to send a package for my family back home in the Philippines getting these for less is even better. I have not sent any package to the Philippines since I came here to the United States. I am afraid the package will not arrive to the right person. Losing a package could be very devastating specially when my first attempt to send one will end up in Africa, just kidding! I think I will get a box soon though to send all the things I have been collecting.

Charles' Drawing

January 09, 2014

My son, Charles is only 5 years old but he knows what kind of car he’s going to get when he gets older, a Honda Van. So all of his aunts can ride all together in the van. But I’m sure when Charles gets older he’s going to change his mind of not getting the car which is a good thing for sure. Though it’s fascinating when he drew our car, a BMW, with the three of us in it. My hubby loves his drawing and so do I. We thought it was very thoughtful and cute to have us included in the drawing. 

My hubby is driving and me sitting in the front and Charles sitting at the back. And how I wish Charles would be more interested in writing but we’re getting in there. This year he is going to kindergarten and I’m sure he will do good in school. But as a mom, I have worries as well when it comes to bullying. 

Toddler Tuxedos

As a mom, nothing looks more dapper when a kid is wearing a toddler tuxedo.  Though Charles has only worn suits when dressing up I love seeing pictures of a young boy all dressed up. I guess it is just the whole cuteness of dressing in clothes you would not expect a young toddler in. Plus, tuxedos are so classy and what is better together then classy and cute.

Great Decor In Your Kitchen

January 03, 2014

While shopping around at Hobby Lobby I found these vinegar bottles very interesting to look at. The colors are vibrant which makes great d├ęcor in your kitchen. Since I like vinegar I am planning to buy one of these bottles filled with fruits and vegetables. The longer you keep the vinegar the better it taste especially when infused flavors like fruits and vegetables. 

But as you can see these are only for decorative purposes. And I amazed how they put the fruits and vegetables inside these sassy bottles.