Bowling And Go Cart Racing

January 23, 2014

My son, Charles is a huge NASCAR race fan and he got very excited when he heard his father saying; the race schedule is out for the season. Of course, Charles wants to watch another race and this time he is more excited than last year which he had fallen asleep during the race. Since we all liked to watch NASCAR racing I would be glad to watch it again this year in Kansas City. The race will take place in May, and hopefully this time we can get to meet our favorite race car drivers on the field. 

Last year, I got a chance to see all the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers before the race starts but I couldn’t see them clearly as we are sitting a little farther from the race track. Anyway, my hubby is planning to go out this Sunday to go bowling and go cart racing. I have 2 free bowling coupons and I don’t want them to go waste before the end of this month. When the weather isn’t too cold outside playing mini-golf would be perfect as well at Golf Mountain here in Rogers.


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