Charles Naughty, The Indianapolis 500 Champion

January 24, 2014

When I see a mom with so many kids and pregnant at the same time I always say to myself; wow! How could she handle all those kids at the same time? I can only imagine their house is a huge mess unless they are rich and have household helpers to keep the house clean most of the time. Each kid has a babysitter and the husband must have a decent job to support his family. The healthcare insurance is very expensive nowadays plus food, clothing and education are on the rise. 

Being a mom myself, I have only one child and our house is totally chaotic when my son, Charles toys are everywhere. Just the other day, Charles got my Rome Honeysuckle Amore shower gel from the paper bag and spilled it all out in his bed room. I thought Charles sprayed my perfume when I realized the smell was different so I checked him out in his room and smelled shower gel all poured into the carpet. 

Of course, I was mad at him and to myself as I was busy cooking in the kitchen and I did not check on Charles. Charles is very good in doing naughty things lately. In fact his new name now  which he made up himself is; Charles Naughty, The Indianapolis 500 Champion. And everyday Doug, and I always remind him that we want Charles Indianapolis 500 Champion, and not the naughty one. 

I know he is so bored being at home 24/7 especially when we can not get out even to check the mailbox outside. The weather is just very cold for us to be outside even for just a few minutes. How about you how do you keep yourself warm in this frigid weather?


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