It Was Not Full Blown Shopping

January 20, 2014

Yesterday was a busy day for me as I shopped at Pinnacle Hills Promenade. It was not full blown shopping as I don’t have enough time and besides my boys are with me and Charles does not like waiting at all. Found some great stuff at Bath & Body Works and 75% off is a great deal. The store still had their semi-annual sale and when you are looking for body lotions and body sprays you better check them out. 

Since I am collecting products to send a package for my family back home in the Philippines getting these for less is even better. I have not sent any package to the Philippines since I came here to the United States. I am afraid the package will not arrive to the right person. Losing a package could be very devastating specially when my first attempt to send one will end up in Africa, just kidding! I think I will get a box soon though to send all the things I have been collecting.


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