It Has Been Very Difficult Seeing My Son, Get Sick

February 24, 2014

It has been very difficult seeing my son, Charles get sick over the weekend. My hubby was not around as he was gone for State Wrestling Tournament, in Little Rock, so it was only Charles and me in the house. Of course I was so worried being ourselves alone and Charles being sick. Thankfully, Charles felt so much better now though the other day he had a fever in the morning. He also kept on complaining that his left ear hurt really bad. When I was about to tell my hubby that we need to go to the doctor, Charles said; his ear does not hurt anymore. 

So far Charles has been sleeping very well at night. But for some reason for 3 days in a row he always cried and talked while asleep. The first night when he began crying I asked him if he is going to throw up and he said; no. Then, he said; I didn’t win. I didn’t win. The second night, he cried and he wants his Legos so he can put them together, (Car Legos were put together with Charles and his dad before bedtime). So when I got his car legos beside him he said; I don’t like them, yuck. Throw them away. 

And the next day, guess what? He played with his legos. On the third day, he wants ice cream and was restless through the night so my hubby held Charles to calm him down. Well, can you believe this month is almost over? Yes it looks like it and before we know it spring is just around the corner. We made some plans for spring of going back to Branson but it looks like we are not going in there anymore. Instead we are going to Kansas City, to watch NASCAR race in May. Charles is more excited to watch his favorite NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski, though he also likes Kyle Larson as well.


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