Looking Forward to Much Nicer Weather

March 18, 2014

Only two days away before Spring begins and we are all looking forward to much nicer weather. Next week is my hubby's Spring break and we are going to go bowling and play mini-golf here in town. Charles is very excited when his dad said; we are going to Golf Mountain, and Fast Lane here in town and may be going to Flea Markets as well. While my hubby is on Spring break I would love to drive our car wherever we go but not on the Interstate for now.

I have not driven the car in the Interstate with the speed of 70 mph and I need to get used to it before I'm brave enough. Though the other day when we went to Walmart it was the first time I was not so nervous when I was behind the wheel. And my hubby thought that I really did a great job and so does Charles. With Charles going to school this August I really need to pass my skills test before my permit expires as I don't want to renew it again to get it over with.

Speaking of Charles, we just enrolled him at school close to where we live about 5 minutes drive away and I think I can drive down to his school by myself. During his enrollment Charles did really really good according to the counselor. Though Charles didn't remember his middle name which is Turin. When he was asked his number he replied; I don't know as he doesn't have his own phone number which makes sense. But he knows his dad's number and yahoo email address and now he's been trying to enter passwords on the phone.


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