I Couldn't Be More Happier

May 12, 2014

My son, Charles began watching NASCAR races when he was just 2 years old. Now he’s 5, NASCAR races are by far his favorite show to watch on television and playing games on the phone. Having a huge NACAR race fan in the house my husband always gets excited to get our race tickets. Over the weekend we drove down to Kansas City to watch the NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway. What a great day to watch the race and I couldn’t be more happier as one of my favorite drivers Jeff Gordon, won the race plus the fireworks display was very cool to look at. Charles was very thrilled when he saw the fireworks and sat back again. What a great night to end the race. 

Well, if you watched Saturday’s race on television it was totally packed. Parking wasn’t really bad as we found my husband’s brother-in-law’s car when the race was over. Boy! It was a very long walk and we’re stacked on the traffic on our way out. We arrived back at the house around midnight. We all enjoyed watching the race and so did my sister-in-law Connie, and her husband and I guess we are going to watch again on the next NACAR race. Since my feet are still sore from walking over the weekend I stayed in bed most of the time.

Thankfully I did our laundry last night when we got back home and maybe tomorrow we are going to get our grocery shopping for the week. Its been a lazy day for me though I baked brownies this afternoon to get Charles attention with the smell. He was very busy playing racing on the computer for hours so I had to lock the computer room.


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