Interested to Start Blogging Again

June 19, 2014

It has been a very long time since I posted my last blog for this site and finally I have to type a new one. Getting leads from one of the publishing site makes me feel interested to start blogging again. Who knows one day all the leads that I’m getting could turn into an opportunity. Over the last few days, I noticed I have been getting leads and the payout is quite impressive though I always cancelled those leads because all of my blogs are not updated regularly. Hopefully next month and the next few months to come I could update my blogs regularly to keep me busy. 

As you all know my son, Charles is going to school this August and we are all excited for him. With me being alone by myself here in the house I am thinking maybe I could look for a job, maybe a part-time cashier at Wal-mart hehe. Oh well, do you think this month has gone by so quickly? Seems like it and before I know it I will be at the DMV next month to take my driving test again or renew my permit when I fail the test. Since I took my driving test, I only drove our car few times because I have not been feeling very well and my hubby was busy with his work. 

Soon as he gets home from work and practice he’s always tired and I really don’t feel like driving specially when I saw a car wrecked at the mall. With my son, Charles going to school I am not really worried of me driving because classes starts early and my husband can take Charles before he goes to work then. On his first day of school me and my hubby can be with Charles and for sure it is a bittersweet seeing my son on his own yet excited how his day going to be like without me on his side.


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