Charles' 6th Birthday

September 26, 2014

I can not believe my son, Charles is already 6 years old. We celebrated his birthday last week and he really did have a good birthday celebration. His cake tasted really good! He got presents that he really wanted for his birthday like; a Foosball table, Nerf guns, Monopoly Empire, Hot Wheels Track, and Soccer ball. As always he got lots of birthday cards with money inside. Since it was his real birthday last Sunday, we took Charles to eat at Fritz’s at Crown Center, in Kansas City. 

We also took Charles to Legoland, which he absolutely loved though we did not have enough time to check the whole place as we have to drive back home on that day. It was not planned to stop by in Kansas City just for sight-seeing aside from going to the Asian store. Which Charles does not like going inside as soon as he smells it from outside of the store. How much more when I take him to the market when we visit to the Philippines? The smell is really bad and it could definitely make someone nauseous. 

Oh well, this week has gone by so quickly and so is this month with only a few days left before its over. That means Halloween is just around the corner. I have no idea what Charles is going to wear as his costume. Charles likes to dress up on Halloween and go for trick or treating and he never gets shy on knocking someone’s door like he did when he was real small.

Difficult To Keep Up With

September 14, 2014

Over the last few days I have not been feeling very well and I stayed in bed most of the time. I also lost my appetite. No food sounds good to eat right now even when I think of my favorite meals to eat or watch Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives. Usually, when I watch the show on Food Network channel it makes me hungry, but when I saw the show the other night it was just like, hmmm it doesn’t look appetizing to me at all. 

Not only did I lose my appetite for eating but I also don’t feel like playing my games on the phone, Bakery and Restaurant Story. Having 4 games on both phones is really difficult to keep up with especially when my eyes are hurting and have headaches at the same time. I have been thinking of deleting these games but I don’t want to loose what I have already started even though it is really not working for me. For me, letting go of something even if its just a game is difficult. 

So for now, I’ll keep on playing when I can and do not when I don’t feel like it. Anyway, we are going to visit my sister’s-in-law, for Charles’ birthday. Every time we visit them, I always prepare our luggage ahead of time but this time I have not started anything yet. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel much better so I won’t be too lazy to get things done this coming week.

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Well Deserved Win for Kasey Kahne

September 02, 2014

Can you believe its September already? That means holidays are just around the corner. Yesterday, when we went to Walmart the store already has an aisle for Halloween candies, and Thanksgiving decorations. This month is also special for Charles as he is celebrating his 6th birthday. Today, he asked me if its his birthday already and I said no; nineteen days left before your birthday. I also told him that we are not going to decorate for his birthday and his ok with it as long as we are going to play golf, bowling and go-kart racing. 

Now, that its September, Christmas songs surely can soon be heard on the radio, or television commercials just like yesterday. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, was on a commercial then Charles said; what’s that? Its not Christmas, I thought it was funny when he recognized the song. Well, only a few weeks left before the summer comes to an end. So far, the weather has not been really bad here in Northwest Arkansas, and I am so grateful for that. Unlike the other parts of the country who’s affected by severe weather, like flooding, drought, and tornadoes. 

Anyway, how was your weekend so far? I’m sure you really enjoyed your longest weekend of the summer. As for me, I had a great week especially on Sunday night watching NASCAR Sprint Cup in Atlanta. Never thought Kasey Kahne could end up winning as the race started and was  dominated by Kevin Harvick, who lead the most laps in the race. The last 3 laps were just like an eternity when then the cautions came out. Boy! It was really a great race, well deserved win to be in the chase for Kasey Kahne. 

It made me happy also 4 of Hendricks Motor Sports teams are in the chase. Most of all, Danica Patrick, had the best finish of her career, 6th place. I do believe now when things are meant for you no matter how things did not  turn out the way you wanted, in the end it still could be great for you and very fulfilling.

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I Am Eligible To Apply for Naturalization

September 01, 2014

I can not believe its almost 7 years already since I came here to the U.S. It was football season and I have no idea what football was until I saw it on television. The first time I saw a football game on television I thought it was crazy. Why are they running around from each other and chasing the ball to get it into the end zone? To me it was cheesy and makes me dizzy trying to figured out what they’re doing on the field. Of course, Doug was a football coach during the time I came here in the U.S., so he explained to me everything though I still could not understand it. 

Every weekend we watched football games whether its college or NFL games and so far I am enjoying watching the games. The most exciting games was when we watched the games at the stadium in Columbia, Missouri, and Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, this year hopefully we can watch another Mizzou football games in Columbia, or even here at school where Doug, teaches at. Its more entertaining and fun to watch the game at the stadium rather than television. The crowd goes wild when the home team scores a touchdown. 

Of course, the loud music playing is just like a party already and who doesn’t like seeing those cheerleaders dancing and the marching band during halftime? Anyway, I was organizing my magazines and noticed printouts about, A Guide to Naturalization. Since I already lived here for nearly 7 years (5 years minimum) as a Permanent Resident, I am eligible to apply for Naturalization if I want to become a U.S. Citizen. Changing my citizenship is also one of the biggest decision on my life. 

Doug, has always encouraged me to change my citizenship over the years but I was the one who’s ignoring it. I also worried about the test so I must prepare for this before I say lets do it and get it done. These questions are easy as long as I am prepared before the test. There are 10 questions out of 100 and I must answer 6 out of 10 questions. Filing and biometric services fee are $680.00 total. If I don’t pass the test it would be just a total waste of money. Its not like okey, come back again next month until you pass the test. 

Well, I do really have plenty of time to read and study all these questions before I apply for my Naturalization. For the meantime I will not worry about changing my citizenship when the right time comes, I’ll do it.

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