Well Deserved Win for Kasey Kahne

September 02, 2014

Can you believe its September already? That means holidays are just around the corner. Yesterday, when we went to Walmart the store already has an aisle for Halloween candies, and Thanksgiving decorations. This month is also special for Charles as he is celebrating his 6th birthday. Today, he asked me if its his birthday already and I said no; nineteen days left before your birthday. I also told him that we are not going to decorate for his birthday and his ok with it as long as we are going to play golf, bowling and go-kart racing. 

Now, that its September, Christmas songs surely can soon be heard on the radio, or television commercials just like yesterday. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, was on a commercial then Charles said; what’s that? Its not Christmas, I thought it was funny when he recognized the song. Well, only a few weeks left before the summer comes to an end. So far, the weather has not been really bad here in Northwest Arkansas, and I am so grateful for that. Unlike the other parts of the country who’s affected by severe weather, like flooding, drought, and tornadoes. 

Anyway, how was your weekend so far? I’m sure you really enjoyed your longest weekend of the summer. As for me, I had a great week especially on Sunday night watching NASCAR Sprint Cup in Atlanta. Never thought Kasey Kahne could end up winning as the race started and was  dominated by Kevin Harvick, who lead the most laps in the race. The last 3 laps were just like an eternity when then the cautions came out. Boy! It was really a great race, well deserved win to be in the chase for Kasey Kahne. 

It made me happy also 4 of Hendricks Motor Sports teams are in the chase. Most of all, Danica Patrick, had the best finish of her career, 6th place. I do believe now when things are meant for you no matter how things did not  turn out the way you wanted, in the end it still could be great for you and very fulfilling.


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