I Have Not Eaten Any Stuffing

November 24, 2014

With Thanksgiving, just days away, it’s all about turkey and stuffing on the shows I watched on the Food Network. Then I realized I have not eaten any stuffing since I came here in the U.S. When it comes to food I still like to cook dishes that we used to eat in the Philippines, here in the United States of America. This Thanksgiving Day, I would love to try different  foods and see if I am going to like them or not. It is also my 7 years anniversary since I came here from the Philippines. Of my 7 years here, I already have 1 kid, got my driver’s license recently, and hopefully another child (daughter) on the way haha. 

Filipino Dish, Afritada

As for a job I don’t have any. Though I thought about of getting a part time job closer to our house though I have not been feeling very well over the last few months now. I have been having headaches and my eyes are sore. Already have my eye appointment scheduled next month and I am very anxious about it. Charles had his eye examined just days ago and he was diagnosed with astigmatism on his left eye and myopia on his right eye. It’s just weird as he never complained about his eyes while growing up. So now, he is going to wear eye glasses when needed specially when at school.  

Anyway, we are going to visit my sister-in-law, for Thanksgiving, and hopefully do some shopping as well. We are also going to Columbia, Missouri, to watch a football game between the Arkansas Razorbacks, and the Missouri Tigers. We already got our tickets bought and we are going to pick them up at the stadium. With chilly temperature during game day, Charles needs to wear layered clothing and a bigger coat.


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