I Never Thought Could Be This Overwhelming

December 08, 2014

Having a child, I never thought could be this overwhelming. My son, Charles is only 6 years old but sometimes I have no answer to his questions. Just the other day, Charles and I were decorating our Christmas tree when he asked me this question. How could Santa get inside our house when we don’t have a chimney? So I replied, its magic. 

When my husband gets home I told him about Charles question then he replied, Santa has a key to every house. I smiled at myself as we told another lie to my son. He will learn soon as he gets older that Santa isn’t real after all. When we went to the mall weeks ago, I asked him if he wants to have a picture taken with Santa but he was not interested at all. 

I remember when we took him to the Children’s Museum, in Omaha, Nebraska. We thought that he would be delighted when he saw dinosaurs then he just said; those are fake. Charles is not the type of kid that we can fool around, just saying haha. Oh well, this week Charles is having cookies with Santa at his school and I am very apprehensive whether we should go or not. 

Doug is busy now since the wrestling season has begun. Speaking of wrestling, Charles and I have been to wrestling duals where Doug teaches at though Charles doesn’t seem interested in this sport. He’s rather more interested in getting nachos with cheese at the concession stand.

Great Wedding Dance

So you or a friend has a big wedding coming up? You of course have much on your mind and things to plan but make sure to not forget one thing that will always exist in your memory or on video. The great wedding dance is something that every bride and groom will remember as will the guests. Make sure you are at your best and get help performing with grace and confidence.