I Am Not Too Hard On Charles

February 04, 2015

Growing up, we never really got what we wanted like clothing, shoes, or toys. When we really want those things we had to work for it like doing household chores or go to the farm during harvest time. And most of all, you have to be good and do what my mother said. Being a mom, I am not too hard on Charles, when it comes to clothing, shoes, but not on toys as he has plenty of them already. When I go shopping its always for Charles. I don’t think I am spoiling him too much though I just wanted to get him the best things I can. 

And knowing how many pairs of shoes he already has for everyday use, I bought him a new pair today.  No more tying shoelaces, snap on, and his good. Seeing his untied shoes everyday is driving me crazy as he doesn’t know how to tie his shoe even though we taught him how to tie his shoelaces. Aside from that when Charles, says; he wants to eat at McDonald’s after school as much as I don’t want to we always end up at McDonald’s in the afternoon. Its just hard to resist “triple please”, or when he gets good colors of the day from school. 

Well, wrestling season is almost over and I know how tiring it is for everybody on the team. Some wrestlers are out which kind of sucks which also could hurt for the team at the  State Wrestling Tournament. The team has been working hard throughout the season and I know how much they want to have a great season.


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