What A Spring Break I Had

March 30, 2015

What a spring break I had over the weekend. Doug, and Charles had walking pneumonia and it was really bad. Both of them went to the doctor with their own prescribed medications thankfully, all is well aside from Doug’s, minor coughing. With their spring break, we did not do anything outdoor activities aside from watching the movie, Home. The movie was good. We all liked it especially Charles who really enjoyed watching while eating all of his popcorn. 

While it has been a long time since we watched a movie altogether seeing Charles laugh and wanted to watch the upcoming movies made me feel happy. There’s a movie coming this June, Inside Out; and it looks very interesting to see with them. Before then, we are going to watch NASCAR Sprint Cup, Spongebob Squarepants 400, in Kansas City this May 9 and Charles was very happy when he saw the commercial on television for the race. 

Doug, already bought our tickets online though we haven’t gotten the tickets yet but I’m sure it will be in the mail sometime soon. Anyway, this month is almost over and so is the school year for my boys. Days are going by so quickly and Charles will be in first grade. Definitely, he has had a good year of Kindergarten especially when he received his Academic and Citizenship Assembly Award, before spring break. 

Receiving his awards was a huge surprise for him when his teacher called his name and seeing me and his dad at school. I know how much he really wanted to receive an award but we always told him when you want something you have to work for it and don’t be upset when you don’t get it. That’s how it works my dear. Being a mom, of course, it was one of my proudest moments seeing Charles so happy and proud.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

March 03, 2015

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Women can’t have too many shoes right? Well, I was browsing my Twitter and saw some tweets from Payless about the shoe that caught my attention. Hmmm I do really liked the shoe when I looked it up from their website. When I noticed they have size 5 I thought I’d better check it out at the store sometime this week. 

But while we’re already out I went to Payless tonight and bought 3 pairs of shoes as I really liked them a lot. Most of all it was on clearance. Who doesn’t want to get a bargain these days?

Its March, and Its Freezing!

March 01, 2015

Its March, and its freezing! How I wish we can have nicer weather over the next few days so we can go to the mall and shop around. Last week, I took Charles to go shopping but before we shopped he wanted to eat at Fish City Grill, his choice not mine. Though I would prefer to take him out to eat at P.F. Chang’s knowing he really liked their Lo Mein noodles. 

Grilled Shrimp

I guess he must be really starving when he ate all of his mac and cheese before I was done eating up my food. Then he ate crackers that were on the table so I gave him some of my fries. When Charles wanted something to eat I’d be delighted to prepare or give it to him as long as he’s going to eat it. Eating has always been his problem and recently Charles has added cheeseburger to his list of foods to eat.

Organic Deodorants

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