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July 13, 2015

Each day is going by so quickly. Before I know it, my boys will be back at school in August. That will make the house very quiet in about a month. Speaking of school I thought Charles had a really great time during his Kindergarten year. He received an award during his third and fourth quarter of the school year. The fourth quarter award surprised me the most when I attended his Kindergarten End of Year Celebration. His teacher didn’t inform us so it was totally surprising especially for Charles when his teacher called his name. His skills in reading and math makes me so proud.  His writing though I am having difficulty teaching as he is left-handed. Besides, he never listens and follows what I just taught him. Well, he’ll learn it from school so I never force him to do it too much. 

Oh my, it’s been a year now since I got my driver license. Even I never imagined getting a license and driving my own car. I never thought of that my whole life, guess I was just a too simple type of person and scared of every thing that could possibly go wrong. Driving alone and going to the store for grocery shopping gives me freedom as I don’t have to be in a hurry like when my boys are not with me. Charles likes to go home right away even when we haven’t started shopping, I understand that. I don’t want to be away from home either but when I’m at the store or doing shopping I like to take my time slowly and enjoy what I’m doing. 

Romance Novels, Flea Market Finds

Anyway, what have you been up to with your summer break? For me, we took a trip to Texas, and Missouri before the summer began. I also kept myself busy reading romance novels that I bought at the Flea Market for the price of .25 & .50 cents each, definitely a bargain. Cooking dishes, desserts and making homemade ice pop (ice buko & mango) that I used to eat in the Philippines are like me never being away from home. 


Ice Pop (Mango)

Gelatin (Gulaman)

Steak with Bean Sprouts
Onion Leaks & Pepper Steak

We also watched some movies, The Avengers, Home, and Inside Out, in 3D though there was a problem with the 3D film so they gave us free movie passes. We were all looking forward to seeing Minions so we watched the movie on opening day. As always we all loved the movie and are all looking forward to Peanuts coming this November. It is still a long wait but at least it is something to look forward to. So far my summer is by far the best that I ever had after having health issues. My allergies are getting better though I still sneeze occasionally and I have no complaints at all. 


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