Look Who's Talking?

September 01, 2015

If you could only ask me how my weekend was I would tell you it was very unpleasant to say the least. First, I had no idea our dryer quit working until I checked the clothes that were inside still wet. While hanging the clothes Charles’ told me; “you’re doing it the old fashioned way” which I burst out laughing. Omg! Look who’s talking? Seems like my son is already older the way he talks about small things as if he knows them. But the good news is we got a new dryer, and I am loving it. Though I would have loved to have a new matching washer as well but why get a new washer when our other one is still in good shape? Just thought about it when we shopped for our new dryer but front loader is not going to be our future washer as it has leakage problem in the long run. 

So today, doing laundry and folding clothes has kept me busy throughout the day. Imagine not doing laundry for one week it took 3 laundry baskets for our dirty clothes which I usually do laundry every two days. I am so relieved I got them all done today. For the other unpleasant days we had, Doug’s car would not start at all. Luckily, we found out Sunday afternoon when I was about to wash his car and not Monday morning when he’s going to work. Gladly, it was fixed and has a new battery installed. As far how’s my day have been I would say it was pretty good compared to the mom on the other side of the car rider lane this afternoon for sure. Imagine if somebody will approached you to moved your car then all of the sudden you will hear “you’re such a bitch”. 

Definitely not her fault the one who’s being asked to move. The person who approached the other mom could have just backed her car and drove the other way around instead she screamed “you’re such a bitch” for everyone to hear. Besides, it was her second time driving through the car rider lane. Even if you will be inside the school for a few minutes just park your car on the parking lot then walk, its hassle free. Also, if she’s smart enough she knows car rider lanes gets busy before 2 o’clock. This kind of person was just like a ticking time bombed hot temper and exploded right away. Oh well, Charles’ 7th birthday is coming of course he is very excited. He already picked his cake from Walmart but I would love to make some changes on the frosting swirls.


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