Spring Like Weather

December 21, 2015

Only three days until Christmas, did you get all your holiday shopping done for your loved ones? Well, I have not done Christmas shopping because my husband did it yesterday at Toys R US. My husband bought him Lego City, a Pokemon set and Ford Mustang, then I think he is also getting a pug. Charles has been wanting a pug since he saw a video blogger on YouTube about his pug so he also wants one. Getting a pug comes with a responsibility which I don’t think Charles could do though it would be a great buddy for him to have around. Or maybe, the two of them could sleep in his room which I doubt happening anytime soon. Well, it has been a Spring like weather here in Northwest Arkansas, though it is kind of sad we don’t have snow on Christmas day. As long as I recall since I came here to the United States of America, we always have snow on Christmas day. My son, Charles is looking forward to making a snowman and snow angel hopefully January, we can get some snow. 

Barbecue Shrimp Boil, Copelands of New Orleans

Grilled Tilapia with Corn and Mac & Cheese, Copelands of New Orleans

Popcorn Shrimp, Copelands of New Orleans

Shrimp with Veggies, Hunan Manor

Chicken Lomein Noodles

Wonton Soup with Crab Rangoon and Spring Rolls

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the foods that I took when we ate at Copelands of New Orleans and Hunan Manor. We ate quite a few times  at the restaurants over the past couple of weeks but sometimes I don’t feel like taking pictures specially when I saw people around me not taking snapshot on their foods. One time we were having lunch at Copelands and I was taking pictures but I was really starving then I asked myself why I am taking these photos instead of eating the food?


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