I Need To Splurged A Little On Myself

February 01, 2016

I was having a bad day yesterday when I tried to open this blog when I noticed the unwanted software was already gone. Thank goodness! As I was about to delete this site and create a new blog even though I just renewed my domain for another year. Oh well, what have you been doing over the last 2 days? Have you enjoyed the warm weather before the cold front gets here? For me, I loved the warm temperatures driving around with my car windows down. Did some shopping, and watched the movie Kung Fu Panda with my family. We all liked it, Charles really did enjoy watching the movie and so did we until we went to Walmart to get our groceries. He wanted a Rubik's Cube but they don’t have any so he was kind of mad. When Charles wants something he wants it right away and it is very irritating. He also hates going shopping and rather be home all the time I understand that but sometimes we have to go somewhere, do some things specially when its just the two of us in the house. I always tell him you are very Iucky, I always take you with me when I go somewhere or buy nice things for you. When we were little our mother would hardly take us whenever she went to the city, unlike Charles which is included in everything we do. Anyway, I can not believe it’s the first day of February already. 

Pescado Guerrero, Abuelos


Just weeks ago, I was anticipating my birthday to come and now that it already happened I realized wow I am getting old and forgetful haha. It was such a nice birthday celebration to say the least. I ate at one of my favorite restaurant Abuelos, I order the same food Pescado Guerrero every time we eat there. My complimentary dessert, Flan and most of all I treated myself some shopping at DSW and ordered a Michael Kors handbag which should be arriving in our doorstep anytime soon. The handbag was on sale and additional 20% off which I thought too good to pass up, for once I need to splurged a little on myself.


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