Dodge Challenger

April 25, 2016

Never in my wildest dreams I’ll be owning or driving a car when I was growing up in the Philippines. Just the thought of driving a motorcycle scared the hell out of me so I never tried driving one. But here I am, living  in the United States, driving a BMW X-5 . It is a great car for me to have and drive specially when I was the first car on the stop light which means I get to race the next car beside me. Aside from X-5, my hubby got a Dodge Challenger but I have not yet driven this car since we got it. The fancy navigations and touch screen monitor are quite confusing to me but definitely I’ll be driving this baby sometime soon. 

Dodge Challenger
Anyway, I was browsing on my phone when I realized most of the photos I took are for my blogs but I have not posted any of them. These foods may not be mouth-watering for you to you look at but these are delicious to me. My homemade mango popsicle is one of my favorite to make and banana lumpia (turon) to satisfy my cravings. The other photos are restaurant foods like: Copeland’s of New Orleans, Twin Peaks, Monte NE Inn, Maddio’s Pizza to name a few. 

Mom's Pot Roast, Twin Peaks

Meat Loaf, Twin Peaks

Cheese Dip, Twin Peaks

Mac N Cheese, Twin Peaks

Home Style Dinner, Monte NE Inn

Shrimp Creole

Shrimp Po-Boy, Copeland's of New Orleans

Hawaiian Style Pizza, Maddio's

Bacon, Sausage & Chicken Pizza, Maddio's

Mango Popsicle
Banana Lumpia

These restaurants have really good food and services just in case you are about to visit Rogers, Arkansas. Copeland’s of New Orleans has the best Sunday Buffet that you could ever want for your meal. Plus, you get to enjoy the live Jazz music playing along while you eat.


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