Phone Apps That Are Worth Downloading

May 13, 2016

Women love to brag about beauty products on social media but not me as I don’t have any beauty routine to maintain daily. Though I would love to share some phone apps that are worth downloading for you to have if you don’t have them yet.

Krispy Kreme apps tells you when the hot light is on, which means fresh glazed doughnuts are rolling on the conveyor. You’ll earn rewards points you  exchange free dozen doughnuts or beverages.

Ibotta you’ll earn cash back on groceries, clothing, dining out, specialty, beer, wine and spirits, they feature on their app. I swear this is one of my favorite apps as I already cashed out to make sure this app really works. Ibotta is very easy to use, unlock the featured items that you are going to buy, scan the code to make sure you’re getting the right item. When you are done shopping take a picture of your receipt then a few minutes later you’ll receive an email for what you have earned. You can also submit previous receipts as long as you still have the products to scan the bar codes.

Checkout51 you’ll earn rebates on the products featured on their app with some restrictions apply like coupons as you don’t get any rebates when you use at the store. Still every cents counts and before you know it you could be buying shoes from these savings.

Walmart, you’ll get cash back on groceries if there are lower prices from competitive stores.


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