Manila Bay Ihaw-Ihaw

November 29, 2016

I was browsing photos from my phone when I realized the photos I took are mostly for my blogs. Though, I have not updated any of my blogs in a long time so these photos are just perfect to share with you. While visiting in Kansas City for Thanksgiving, I made sure to stopped by at the Asian store, Chinatown Food Market. This is the biggest Asian store that I’ve ever been to; but I noticed it is pricier compared the ones we have here in Rogers and Springdale. Buying few groceries from the store like Nata de Coco, Rice Noodles (Pancit Bihon) vegetables are the ones I am looking forward to get like White Long Beans (Sitaw) and Bok Choy (Pechay) as I am going to make Pakbet as soon as we got back home. While on our way back home, we also stopped by at Manila Bay Ihaw-Ihaw, a Filipino Restaurant in Bannister Road, in Kansas City. It was our first time visiting the restaurant so we don’t know how it looks like until we got inside. Well, its nothing fancy to say the least. Few decors hanging on the wall and the ambiance was kind of boring even with open space inside. 

Adobo, Pakbet and Sisig


But anyhow, the food was good. We ordered Adodo, Pakbet and Sisig serve with rice on a bamboo platter. And for dessert, I had Halo-Halo to quenched my cravings as I have not eaten Halo-Halo in so many years.

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